About the Artist

Hello darling!  My name is Renee and I am the lady behind GreenerMe.  I love anything and everything crafty, handmade, diy, local..  It all warms my heart so much.  I also have a big love for anything vintage (like my avocado green Pyrex bake ware and odd ball shirts).  I grew up surrounded by crafty, wholesome people, which is a big reflection of who I am today.  My grandparents, parents and aunts were all big influences in my own craftiness and musical tastes I prefer today.  Anytime I am awake and functioning I have some type of music going and idea buzzing in my head...  I usually have a cup of coffee or hot tea close by as well!

I've been crafting up new ideas and things all my life so starting my own crafty business was the only natural course for me to take.  It's been a whirlwind of fun, ups and downs, lots of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

At home with me are a few fuzzy muffins (aka cats) and my handsome husband.  We recently married on the grand day of May 19th, 2012.  The wedding was a blast and everything I could have ever wanted.  I am one happy gal.  The whole wedding process really opened my eyes to just how amazing my friends and family are, I couldn't be more grateful.  Can't believe that next phase of my life is here, seems like it was not long ago that it seemed so far away.  My hubby is smart, funny and the most amazing chef!  He's a musician at heart and always fills the house with his homemade tunes.

Currently I have a full-time day job, but come September I will take the leap to work for myself full-time!  This has been a long time coming and I'm so excited.  And a little nervous :)  Can't wait to share this experience with you.

Locally, I am a member of make:Tulsa, a craft group that focuses on encouraging creativity and provides a network for artists and craftsmen in our local community; I create graphics and volunteer for Indie Emporium, a local fall craft show + fashion show; I setup as a vendor at the Tulsa Wedding Show; I am addicted to Zumba Fitness, am a licensed instructor.

Thank you for stopping by to read a little bit more about me.  I'm excited to get to know you, too.. So don't be shy!  
Feel free to get in touch with me via email at renee@greenerme.net and tell me what's on your mind.

You can also get in touch with me via the follow social networks:

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