Monday, August 6, 2012

The Tulsa Wedding Show - 08/05/2012

Yesterday I set up at the Tulsa Wedding Show, which is a semi-annual wedding show located at the Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It was a blast!  I met a lot of wonderful brides and their friends and family.  Love to be apart of this show.  

Here I am with my booth pre-show!


Pre-show is pretty casual with everyone setting up their booths and making sure everything looks just right before the brides and their friends and families come through.  Here's the fashion show stage before the show started.  Love the backdrop!

Once the doors to the show open it's chaos!  People are everywhere. 

My booth was one of the few chosen to be on the front row, which is right by were the stage is.  At the top of the every hour there is a fashion show.   

Loved being front row for all the fashion, hair and makeup!  Such gorgeous dresses.  I loved the dresses with rhinestones that shimmered in the spotlights.  Pretty!

I had a great time yesterday and am super excited at the opportunity to work with many excited brides.  During the show, I hosted a giveaway for 25 Free Invitations - bride's choice of colors, style, design and all enclosure cards and envelopes included.  Whatever the bride wants! :)  Will have the drawing for that very soon and will contact the winner personally as well as make announcements here on my blog and on Facebook.

Thank you to all who came out!  Let's get this paper party started! :)

All photos (except for my booth photo) by Rod of Tulsa Wedding Show.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Storm is Brewing

Hello my loves.  It has been far too long and oh have I missed you so.  I have so many things to share with you and show you but let me just give you a brief overview.  We can get into more detail later.

Firstly please note..  I love storms..  So this is a good post :)

I'm married!  Finally.  Six years, a house, a slew of kitties and we finally sealed the deal.  I am one happy lady.  The wedding was amazing, all the time and effort, all my friends and family who helped, our vendors..  It just all came together exactly how I wanted.  Now I'm married to the best man I could have ever wanted.  He's smart..  He's funny..  He listens to my ramblings..  Feeds me..  Allows me to just, be..  It's a pretty phenomenal feeling. 

After the wedding we were swept off to the beautiful city of Seattle.  Visited there once before and fell in love so we were excited to go back.  We had no rain until the last day we were there, but it was cloudy and beautiful in the morning and then broke up to warm sunshine as the day progressed.  Best of both worlds :)  Stayed in the city for two days and then at a quiet, secluded B&B on Mercer Island for 4 days.  A piece of my heart is in that city and I plan to nurture that love and develop quite the relationship with it.  All in due time, of course.

 View from our hotel in the city

 View from our B&B on Mercer Island.

Back to reality, it just keeps getting better!  See, I've had this plan for myself since, oh, I don't know.. Pretty much my whole life, to work for myself full time.  The path has been a long one with lots of hills and obstacles..  But, the time has come.  Rather, the time is getting near.. I still have to wait a couple of months, haha, but alas, Monday I announced at my day job that after September, I will be retiring from working for the man, to working for the woman..  The woman is myself.  Talk about invigorating.  There's still room for hurdles but I will get through them all.  Life itself is a hurdle, but with a positive outlook and a few goals, you can accomplish anything.  I'm so excited to share this experience with you.  Big things are coming.

So until until next time, stay classy people.  Keep dreaming.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm Getting Married!

You'll notice I've been a little MIA lately.  As of today my big day is just 78 days away ..  Eek!  Planning has been so fun and I can't wait for everything to come together.  GreenerMe business is good, but unfortunately I am only one person some things (aka, my blog!) just have to be temporarily pushed to the side.  When you're marrying a sweet and handsome guy like the one pictured above, it's all so worth it :)  

Just know I'll be back to bloggin' after the big day (May 19th, 2012)!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Heartsy Feature Going on Now!

Hi lovers!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday.  I am feeling a little sickly and no matter what I do the aching won't stop!  After a nice long nap, I thought it would be fun to post about a special deal I'm offering through Heartsy.  What is Heartsy?  Well it's an online website, similar to Groupon but exclusively for Etsy stores.  

The deal I am offering to you, my wonderful supporters, is $21.00 worth of merchandise for only $9.00!

Simply visit this link to buy your Heartsy and then visit my shop to purchase your goods!  You can visit my shop first too, but I guarantee you'll find something perfect for you or to give as a gift ;)

 Thank you so much for your support!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Motivating Monday - Finding Your Courage

Hi lovers!  It's a busy week on the GreenerMe front.  This week I'm getting all ready as ready as possible for Indie Emporium!  I put together a few new products and am very excited to debut them!!  I haven't set up at a show in over a year so this is very exciting and nerve-wracking.  I was lacking in the self-confidence this morning so I decided to check out Etsy's Livestream to see if any new workshops were listed.  they always have some amazing people talk and it is really inspiring!  Luckily there were some new ones so I listened to a few and this one caught my ear.  Chad Dickerson is the CEO of Etsy and his workshop was all about finding your courage.  It takes a lot of work and courage to get to where you want to be in life, and I think he hit the nail on the head with his talk.  Check it out below for a little craft motivation. 

(**hint: I love to have these kinds of things playing in the background while I work, I get to work AND learn - it's a perfect combo!).
Watch live streaming video from etsy at

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Monday!  Time for me to get my Zumba on :)

If you're in Tulsa, be sure to come see me at Indie Emporium this Friday and Saturday at the Living Arts of Tulsa. xoxo

Monday, September 19, 2011

Motivating Monday - No Excuses

I came across this Nike video from my lovely GiveMore work-life inspirational email and thought it was worth sharing.  It's really hard to master not using excuses, but I try my best to not use them.  Are you executing a no-excuse plan?

Happy Monday!  Let's get out there and dominate this work week!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Back with Inspiration

Happy Friday mi lovelies!!  It's cloudy and cool here in T-town and I could not be more ecstatic.  I've waited patiently for this time of year to finally come and now that it's here there's so much I want to do!  Cleaning, baking, crafting, craft shows...  Tis the season :)

For fun, I put together a few of my favorite crafts I've been eyeing and hope to make very soon.  First up is this adorable felt rosette wreath.  I want this hanging on my front door like, right MEOW!  The full tutorial is up on Stelabird's blog.

Up next, I originally came across this on Pinterest and though there is not a tutorial for it (it's for sale, here), I think it would be super easy to make.  Simply purchase a canvas-wrapped frame or piece of plywood as well as little letters spelling out your own fun phrase.  Adhere the letters in order, paint all one color and viola!  A new masterpiece custom to you.

Last but not least, is this not the most fun and creative wall decor, ever?  Would look great in any room of the home (even the porch!).  So easy and cheap to make, too.  Check out PurlBee's blog for more fun tutorials.

What are you looking forward to crafting with this fall?
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