Monday, September 26, 2011

Motivating Monday - Finding Your Courage

Hi lovers!  It's a busy week on the GreenerMe front.  This week I'm getting all ready as ready as possible for Indie Emporium!  I put together a few new products and am very excited to debut them!!  I haven't set up at a show in over a year so this is very exciting and nerve-wracking.  I was lacking in the self-confidence this morning so I decided to check out Etsy's Livestream to see if any new workshops were listed.  they always have some amazing people talk and it is really inspiring!  Luckily there were some new ones so I listened to a few and this one caught my ear.  Chad Dickerson is the CEO of Etsy and his workshop was all about finding your courage.  It takes a lot of work and courage to get to where you want to be in life, and I think he hit the nail on the head with his talk.  Check it out below for a little craft motivation. 

(**hint: I love to have these kinds of things playing in the background while I work, I get to work AND learn - it's a perfect combo!).
Watch live streaming video from etsy at

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Monday!  Time for me to get my Zumba on :)

If you're in Tulsa, be sure to come see me at Indie Emporium this Friday and Saturday at the Living Arts of Tulsa. xoxo


Stela said...

So excited for IE! Can't wait to see you!!

Holly said...

I definitely got to exercise my courage muscle today on the news. I was actually a little terrified last night, but for some reason I was able to calm my nerves today and I wasn't really freaked out at all when the time came. I always listen to music when I'm crafting, but I think you've got a good idea here. Thanks for the tip!

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