Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Storm is Brewing

Hello my loves.  It has been far too long and oh have I missed you so.  I have so many things to share with you and show you but let me just give you a brief overview.  We can get into more detail later.

Firstly please note..  I love storms..  So this is a good post :)

I'm married!  Finally.  Six years, a house, a slew of kitties and we finally sealed the deal.  I am one happy lady.  The wedding was amazing, all the time and effort, all my friends and family who helped, our vendors..  It just all came together exactly how I wanted.  Now I'm married to the best man I could have ever wanted.  He's smart..  He's funny..  He listens to my ramblings..  Feeds me..  Allows me to just, be..  It's a pretty phenomenal feeling. 

After the wedding we were swept off to the beautiful city of Seattle.  Visited there once before and fell in love so we were excited to go back.  We had no rain until the last day we were there, but it was cloudy and beautiful in the morning and then broke up to warm sunshine as the day progressed.  Best of both worlds :)  Stayed in the city for two days and then at a quiet, secluded B&B on Mercer Island for 4 days.  A piece of my heart is in that city and I plan to nurture that love and develop quite the relationship with it.  All in due time, of course.

 View from our hotel in the city

 View from our B&B on Mercer Island.

Back to reality, it just keeps getting better!  See, I've had this plan for myself since, oh, I don't know.. Pretty much my whole life, to work for myself full time.  The path has been a long one with lots of hills and obstacles..  But, the time has come.  Rather, the time is getting near.. I still have to wait a couple of months, haha, but alas, Monday I announced at my day job that after September, I will be retiring from working for the man, to working for the woman..  The woman is myself.  Talk about invigorating.  There's still room for hurdles but I will get through them all.  Life itself is a hurdle, but with a positive outlook and a few goals, you can accomplish anything.  I'm so excited to share this experience with you.  Big things are coming.

So until until next time, stay classy people.  Keep dreaming.

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