Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hello peeps!  The days have been zooming by lately, does anyone else feel that?  I'll look at my emails or to do list and think, dang it's already been two weeks..  It's really been that long, HOW?  I think this is a common statement here on the ‘ol blog.  I do hope to one day change that, but for now I will just try my best!  What have I been up to?  Well, I’ll give you a little recap.  GreenerMe has been super busy since our setup at the Tulsa Wedding Show.  The orders steadily came in but as of this week I am all caught up!  Kind of bittersweet because I would love to constantly have work coming in, but I will say it is a nice feeling to have a break and get my head straight!  Working full time + putting in 30ish hours on the side definitely wears on me over time!  I really have an appreciation for anyone who works over 40 hours a week, it is quite the chore!  For my downtime, I'm excited to get caught up my crafty girls' happenings, my Google Reader and taxes (this naughty girl filed an extension this year, boo!).  I'm even more excited to get some new stationery and invitation designs completed and available to my lovely clientele.  However long this break lasts, I'm going to make sure to rock it :)

I took a trip to Seattle early on in April.  It was the most beautiful city I have seen; I think I left a piece of my heart there.  The architecture, the museums, the smell, the people everywhere, the weather, the sense of community, the public and automotive transportation system.. It was all so overwhelmingly warm, inviting and progressive.  

I can’t wait to plan my next trip back!  I had a chance to visit to my all time favorite paper good store, Paper Source.  I use them exclusively for my business and it was so neat to finally see the store in person, rather than online!  I hear they’re opening a new store in Seattle..  Do you think they’re hiring?  Teehee.  

I also took a stroll down and through the Pike Place Market, which has so many wonderful shops inside (about 200 to be exact!).  It is the oldest and biggest marketplace in the nation, which is pretty cool in my book!  

Across the street is the original Starbucks.  You can tell Seattle is a coffee city..  There is literally a coffee shop on every corner and in most buildings.  Everyone is so happy in Seattle; I think it’s in the coffee!!

There is so much I could cover about Seattle, but I'll keep it short.  Lastly, we just had to visit the Space Needle!  It was beautiful in person.  We visited during the day and night to get the full perspective.

 Photo by Josh Justus

Photo by Leah Ashrafi

When I returned from Seattle it was back to business as usual!  I was busy, busy with orders and also participated in a Groupon ad.  The week after our return I got sick so everything just seemed like a mess!  Luckily, I survived :)  Since I am caught up on orders I have a few things I'd like to accomplish.

Here’s what is on the agenda:
- Redesign the blog (as you can see this process has already started). 
- New contest for my lovelies. 
- New blog series that outlines all you need to know for a successful invitation order. 
– Reorganize the Etsy shop, make it more user-friendly. 
– Lastly (but still really important) work on the bookkeeping!  

I can’t wait to reconnect and come out hiding to debut all my new projects.  Just in time for summer, too!  It's going to be a blast reading everyone's blogs again..  So expect some blog lovin’ from me in the next couple of weeks!  You all are so talented and deserve the love!  Hope the rainy, spring (pretty Seattle-like, in opinion!) weather treated you well, now it looks like we have some glorious sunshine on the books!  Cheers to some sunshine and awesome crafting!!

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Holly said...

It looks like you guys had SUCH a fun trip! It's fun to see photos of my sweet friend hanging out in all these neat places. The paper shop looks awesome!

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