Sunday, May 15, 2011

working weekened wrap up - sneak peek at four new designs!!!

This weekend was truly amazing.  I got to spend quality time with Josh, the kitties and our friends, sleep in, work and eat good food.  I don't think I could ask for anything more?  I'm really excited to show you what I worked on this weekend!  I achieved so much and though I'm sad the weekend is ending, I am happy with all that is accomplished and will sleep well for it :)  See below for a little sneak peek at the work I completed this weekend.  I will get everything listed in the shop as soon as possible!

First up the Polka Dot Thank You Card Set was freshened up to a wonderful shade of clover green.  I made this set for a special friend just as a thank you :)

Up next, a friend-of-mine's sister (who I've known since she was like.. four, crazy) graduated this weekend so her family had a special gathering for her accomplishment and I was invited to mingle!  Part of my gift was handmade - I gave her one of my Colorful Floral Explosion Thank You Card Set but switched up the colors special for her in curry, plum and leaf.

Each of the cards have coordinating envelopes, which means all the envelopes are color matched to the color of the card!

 For the greatest sneak peek of all, you'll want to check out the image below.  Four completely brand-spankin' new designs are here for your paper good drooling pleasure!  A friend of mine commissioned me to make stationery sets for a special someone in her life, and here are the samples I created.  I love having a muse, it makes the creation process so much more fun and rewarding.  I am smitten over these new sets :)  I'll of course get them listed in the shop asap - upon purchase you'll have the opportunity to customize the ink and envelope colors for no additional charge!

So happy to have had this weekend of work and play!  The weather was just perfect for time spent in the studio :)  I hope you also had a wonderful weekend and did something fun!

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