Sunday, May 6, 2007

An Introduction

I guess it wouldn't be right of me to not introduce myself, so here it goes..

My name is Renee, I'm 21 and reside in Tulsa. You can see my face over there to the right. I work for a hair care distributor here locally, and basically take care of everything that keeps the business running (answering phones, taking orders, processing invoices, all bookkeeping, etc.). It keeps me busy and the perks are better than I could even imagine. I also have an Etsy store that keeps me busy when I'm not working (and sometimes when I am!), I sell handmade cards, and plan to venture out into other handmade areas as well in the near future. My Etsy.

Aside from working, I live with my adorable boyfriend (Josh - 22) and our two children (Hansel & Tabby). Josh works with me, which is nice, and is also very musically inclined. He enjoys all aspects of music, from creating to listening. He can play guitar, bass, some piano (he plans to take lessons soon) and is even dabbling in recording his own music. He's also into politics & debate.

Pictured above is Tabby (far left) and Hansel (far right). Tabby is 12, and just recently went blind. It was terrifying for me (and her) at first, but she caught on quick and can now navigate through the apartment just as if she could see. She's such a sweetheart, but is quiet and likes to keep to herself as much as possible. We adopted her from a family who just didn't end up being the cat people they thought they were. Hansel is 1 1/2. He was born on Oct. 31st and we adopted him from PetsMart as someone found him there when he was a baby. I think the mix of being a Halloween baby and being a stray turned him crazy because he LOVES to scatter around the apartment, play, and fetch. Every time Josh and I leave he stands by the door whining. ..he acts tough, but really he's just a little baby inside!!

On Friday my friend Delindy brought her two kitties over, who are Hansel's age. She's going out of the country for about two months, and needed some place for her kitties to live in the mean time. I happily volunteered! Hansel and the kitties are not getting along too well, as you can see by the pictures- Isabelle stays hidden under a chair, and Theo has found a safe spot in our bathroom closet. It's only been two days since they have met, hopefully they'll adapt to each other quickly. Hansel sure does not like the fact of having more kitties living in his house though..

That pretty much sums me up.

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Marjorie Dawson said...

Hello there,

Having found your etsy site and linked to your blog, here's a comment!

Your post is lovely, well we have five cats so how can I not love the pictures! I hope your etsy site goes well and I will keep checking by to see what's on offer.

(with Peanut, Sooty, Little 'Un, Dot Kitten and Dash Kitten.

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