Thursday, May 10, 2007

Testing My Green Thumb

I was at my local Target store the other day and in the dollar section found the cutest grow kits. The kits included dirt, seeds and a pot to grow the specified flower or herb. They were only a dollar, how could I resist! Plants and I have never really tried each other out before, so I'm curious to see how much of a green thumb I have.

Chives, Oregano and Daisies will be the outcome if everything goes as planned.

I'm extremely fond of my personal Greenhouse. I had to find a way to keep the cats out of the dirt, who knew storm windows could be so useful?!

1 comment:

Marjorie Dawson said...

Hey! Good luck with the greenery - don't over water, I have to be waay careful with our orchid plants, the lady said easy on the water - or they drown * gulp * They really do look sweet in a little row.

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