Monday, June 4, 2007

Easy as wax.

Beware, the following may be delightfully smelly!!This weekend my friend Amby and I went to Joanne's so she could shop for some fabric to make a purse. Of course I couldn't deny a trip to Joanne's so I tagged along. And go figure their candle supplies were on sale, AND I've never made a candle myself before.

Perfect combination?

I was really surprised at the ease of making candles. All you need is a container (notice my shot glass and tin can set up), wick (they have different kinds, I chose wire this time around), and the wax (beeswax was my choice this time). Simply sturdy the wick in the center of the container (I used a skewer and paper clip to keep my wick in line).

Melt the wax..
Pour & let cool..

Then viola! Pretty candles await burning.

Over all a pretty fun little experience. We burned the shot glass candle for about 4 hours and still have about 5 more to go, but the tin can candle has disappointed me. I think I need a different wick for this type of container, being that is bigger in diameter. The candle burned about 4 hours and has about 3-4 hours to go, which is fine, but it's simply burned straight down the middle. No fun in that!


Marjorie Dawson said...

Nice! What lovely candles and you DID have fun didn't you, I am so jealous, I love the smell of bees wax (I have used it in batik mmmmmmmm!!)

carolleem said...

Candlemaking is so much fun! I was really into it back in the '70's. But beware of those metal wicks. They usually contain lead, and they put lead vapor into the room when you burn them.

Carol Lee

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