Sunday, September 16, 2007

End of Reliability

By day I am a bookkeeper/secretary. I work for a "prestigious" hair care line, keeping track of the books, answering phones & taking orders, doing various reports, etc, etc. We are just a single line distributor, working for the larger company.

Of course the beauty industry changes daily, new things are constantly happening and old things are always being pushed into the past, as quickly as possible. Thus, the hair care line our company carries was bought out by a larger company, leaving the little guy to fend for himself. (I look at this like the Wal-mart theory, for those of you familiar with the monopolized chain store)

Tuesday will be my last day of work. Originally scheduled to stay in business until December of this year, sales have dropped off and our biggest customer was taken from us- it's just kind of pointless to keep the doors open now. Eek! Such a mix of emotions to deal with!

Right now I'm pretty calm about the situation. The more I think about it the more anxious I feel; I like consistency and reliability and this does not fit into either of those adjectives at all! It'll be fine though, just a very weird and empty feeling to deal with.

So what will Miss Renee do?
Two things: Time off & Craft!
I have a lot of ideas buzzing and more work for Indie Emporium, too!

What, oh what, will the future hold?


Marjorie Dawson said...

I'm sorry to hear your news Renee. Keep your chin up, you have talent, AND your Craft!! Go for it, have fun, and good luck finding something worthy of your talents :-)

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

One thing I've found: the scariest changes lead to the biggest – and best! – adventures. I'm sure you'll do something fabulous. Good luck!

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