Friday, October 12, 2007

Working, For the Weekend

Today has been an awesome day.

I completed stationery sets for Indie Emporium using all the paper on hand as well as photographed everything I needed to, what a task! My biggest excitement came while I was crafting though.. The UPS man. When you're expecting a shipment and it finally comes- it's the best feeling!! The UPS man brought me labels, a cash box, envelopes, ink, business card magnets, and my company checks! The UPS man brought my boyfriend, at his work (it's cheaper to ship to a commercial address) my retail bags. Woot! It was very much like a holiday, I can't wait to use everything at IE! I also signed up to receive credit cards and will be receiving my credit card imprinter Monday! ::dances:: Now I just hope Hobby Lobby puts their paper on sale this week!

In addition to presents and stationery, I also completed Wendy's invitations! I'm so happy with the way they turned out, and she liked them a lot. We haven't exactly figured out the wording or which Reply and Thank You cards we'll do, so now I just wait until the final decision! I can't wait to mass produce them :)

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