Thursday, January 3, 2008

Book Review :: Good Things by Mia King

I've promised myself for a while now that I would start reading more. It takes me so long to read a book though, it's like a I can never find the time. I took a vow to not watch TV as much, as I was becoming heavily addicted to those reality shows- so much it started to affect my thoughts and way of living and acting. No good. So, with my vow came more silent time, which needed to fill with some sort of activity, besides knitting and being online! hah. So I unveil my first book review. May not come often, but I want to document what I've read in some way.. Hmm, glad the Internet is just a flip of the laptop away!

Good Things is about 30-something Seattle television icon, Deidre McIntosh. She kind of reminded me of Martha Stuart only, well.. young? A very jack-of-all-trades king of girl. She hosted a decorating/food show on her local network in Seattle for about five years until the rug was completely pulled from underneath her. Local rival Marla Banks started her new show, on a different network, during the same time slot, with a similar only enhanced format as Deidre's, which left Deidre's network with no other choice but to cancel her show without notice. Through a series of unfortunate events she not only lost her job, but also her roommate, who met his match and moved out, leaving her forced to find a new residence ASAP. In the midst of packing, she met Kevin Johnson, the quickly-to-be man of her dreams! Their relationship was bound to start from the instance they met, but issues would always arise to cause complications, such as when she found out Kevin was Marla's brother! Not to mention Deidre was completely stubborn throughout the book, and Kevin didn't mind tell her, nor did I mind thinking so.

I will say though, it does have a tendency to get a little cheesy at times, but the overall cute-ness kept me interested 100% (hard to do). The book definitely has a happy ending, as well as a special bonus surprise included at the end. If you by chance read this book and look through the back before doing so, you will be happy but it will have no meaning! :)

Check it out!!

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