Saturday, August 23, 2008

An Update

Hello! I figure it's time for an update. I suddenly became busy, and of course things get pushed aside. Right now Josh is out picking his Fantasy Football league with his brother, so I figure this would be the perfect time for an update.. :)

I have almost completed an awesome invitation order for a Missouri couple. The couple was referred to me from another couple whom I am also finishing an order for. Yay! It's fun to experience the growth of my invitation business.

Speaking of growth, starting this week I will have a portfolio available for viewing at the Dresser Mansion here in Tulsa. The mansion has been around since the 1920's and is pretty much the same now as it was in the 20's. They host numerous weddings and other events throughout year. This will get more eyes on my product, yippee!

All the girls are still working to get Indie Emporium going. This year will be a great success, I just know it! We're taking applications for vendors/designers/artists until August 31st, so take a gander if you're interested in setting up! I just finished ordering all of my literature for my Indie Emporium booth and for the goodie bags! Fun!

In addition for getting my matierals ready, I've been working hard to get as many of my Hemp Necklaces done as possible. To help motivate myself for this, I've set a goal of 100 items for sale in my Etsy shop. Definitely getting close to this! At Indie Emporium I will also have for sale hemp anklets/bracelets and screen printed stationery sets (a couple of new designs, too!). So much to do!

I hope to keep this busyness going! Also hope all my readers are doing well :) Off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday evening!


sweepstake lottery said...

i'm also into those things. care to give some advice?

this20sgirl said...

I think our cats could be cousins--they look a lot alike. :p

Estela said...

ugh, I really need to order business cards and start making things for IE! I'm proud of you for being on top of things!!

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