Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bridal Shower Invite & Comfort Zone Diffuser Deal - Nice Combo!

Today is another great day. I feel corny to say all these days are great, but dangit they are! On a whim, I decided to make an invitation set. I'm still in the "digital" phase but they are so cute and I must give a sneak peek. So I'll show you the bridal shower invite.

My heart literally melts just looking at this set. It's so.. Sophisticated meets simple meets feminine. The coordinating wedding invitation and reply cards feature more simplicity, as well as cute rhinestones. I've wanted to incorporate rhinestones for a while now, and after I completed the matching wedding invite I had a light bulb moment- rhinestones are totally taking over that pretty piece! Paired with a matching pink envelope (possibly black envelope?) this will be one gorgeous set! Expect to see it in the shop here the in the next couple of weeks, I'll of course keep you updated ;)

Now I believe it's time for lunch! My kitties totally love me right now because I bought them wet food. They get so anxious when they knows it's time for dinners! I have four meow-ing cats standing at my feet while I prepare their food. SO CUTE! They love it and it's better for them so I want to make it a staple in their daily diet.

Which reminds me! Amby and I are in to coupon-ing now. We're always on the look out for good deals and ways to get even better deals with our coupons. So I have to share my latest snag. This will interest you more if you have cats, however they do make this product for dogs as well.
The Comfort Zone Diffuser is good for cats who scratch on furniture, urinate outside of the box, are moody and/or stressed. My beloved Hansel has been having some issues lately with his pee, so I'm trying a few things before we make a vet visit. I've read some really good reviews about the diffuser, and also have a friend who tried it out and raved about it. So I was curious. Now here's where it gets fun.

Petsmart is offering the diffuser for $36.99 (reg $46.99) this week, with your PetPerks card (free to get). Online I found two different coupons, on for $10 off (Here) and $5 off (Here). The coupons do not state "one coupon per item" so I used them both and got the diffuser for an awesome $21.99!! That's a total $25.00 savings!! Now if only I could find a rebate for it.. :)

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Holly Casey said...

Those invitations are GORGEOUS, I love the pretty little lattice design going up the side. And I think the idea of including rhinestones is pretty brilliant on your part.

I swear by those diffusers, that's the exact same one I have. And I got it cheaper than the marked price because I had a Petco Pals card (or whatever it's called) but I'm wishing now I would have researched the whole coupon thing a little more thoroughly. So are your kitties feeling all happy and euphoric?

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