Friday, November 28, 2008


Of course the inevitable already happened. We got home from our delicious Thanksgiving dinner last night to find the tree on it's side. Argh! Pretty frustrating. I got it all back up and then during the night the cats strategically removed and hid all the bulbs we had on it. Hm. Luckily I am not using glass bulbs. My cats are jerks! But they have such cute faces. What a delima!

Both Josh and I have to work our normal shifts today, boo! I also have to work tomorrow morning, double boo! I miss my holiday vacations! Woe is me :-D

Happy Black Friday everyone! I snoozed through the major shopping, but have to go run errands later. Did you get any good deals this morning?


Jenny.Lee said...

I didn't even get out to try! I love Christmas shopping but the Christmas crowds and their usual nastiness gets on my nerves. Sad isn't it.

Estela said...

hahaha I hope you won't have to put up the tree everyday!

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