Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let me stop a second

Hello! Hope you are well! The past two weeks have been ultra crazy. Why? I got a new job! Whoa! I was **secretly** looking for the past few months, which sucked in itself because that is definitely something I would have liked to talk about! However, the corporate banking life has some quirks and I wanted to be safe rather than sorry. But that's in the past because now I work for a postage meter company here in Tulsa, we sell and service the meters. I love to mail things, so this is right up my alley! I get to pack and ship orders, answer phones, file, bill.. All basic things now but once I'm settled I will be the billing/AR department. Fun! It's so busy too, which makes me very happy. If my mind is allowed to go stagnant it just isn't very fun. SO here we are!

What about my invitations? We're still in business! I'm working as usual on invitations, just at night instead :) Go figure I have had quite a few orders in the past few weeks! It was crazy working my regular part time schedule at old job, and working part time at new job, AND working at night on orders! Glad I'm just 8-5 now at new job and have a little bit more time for my invitations.

Just wanted to drop a line and to update on what I've been up to lately! I'll return shortly with more news! Woo!


Hollyrocks said...

Oh cool, I'm so glad to hear that you made a change in your life that turned out to be for the better! I can understand where you're coming from too. Mitch's mom has worked at a bank for years now, and he's always concerned about her safety. It sounds like you're having fun with the new job too, and I'm happy for you!

It's good to hear that you've had so many orders, rock on with your hot businesswoman self!! ♥

Brigid said...

I'm glad the new job is going well so far. Congrats on all the orders!

Jenny.Lee said...

Awesome news! Congratulations!!!

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