Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Perfect Sunday

Hi lovers!  Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.  Mine was particularly productive, which makes Renee a happy girl!  I woke up this morning at 8am to feed my hungry kitties.  Normally I head on back to bead after I feed them, but today I was feeling particularly awake.  After a short pep talk and a quick distraction with my Ipod I was awake and not looking back!  

I made some tea and got out my computer to post this beauty in my Etsy shop.  

It is has an amazing pattern that is embellished with rhinestones, which really makes the set "pop".  So fun to create, too!  After promoting the item on my Facebook and Twitter (I love that feature on Etsy!), I perused the web for a while, then the hunger hit me!  Knowing I don't fare well at being a nice person when I'm hungry, I made some tasty cinnamon rolls.  Yums!

Then it was off to Kaffe Bona to meet up with my friend Christine!  We discussed this year's Indie Emporium graphics and details of the event, make:Tulsa, as well as other possibilities for us crafters. I love getting together with people and bouncing around ideas!  It is so motivating.  I left Christine ready to clean up my craft room and get to work!!  My room was kind of a disaster after the garage sale we had yesterday.  Josh cleaned out the garage and of course I had quite a few supplies out there, which made their new home in the middle of my room.  Ugh!  

But I had a surprise when I arrived home.  HOMEMADE NOODLES!  Yum.  I of course suck when it comes to taking photos while I'm excited and hungry, so I failed to get a picture of the tasty lunch, but yes, Josh made me homemade noodles and they were amazing.  Noodles, chicken, broth, his special mix of spices..  My boyfriend is an amazing cook!  I definitely licked my bowl clean on that one.  Okay so after lunch it was time to tackle that craft room and I must say it was a huge success!  Still a little bit to do, and I need to give everything a good clean but I can see my floor again!  Yay!

But all is well again and my honey and I are chillin' and enjoying the rest of our evening.  I must mention our fluffy children are also happy, but they're doing more than chillin'.

I sure love my little kitty feets!!

How was your weekend?  What did you accomplish?  Even if it was a lazy one, I hope it was enjoyable!  I'll catch you on the next post! :-D

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