Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inspirational Tunes

Hello my dear lovelies!  I wanted to share a few songs with you that get me through the rough days.  Seriously, regardless of what the day has brought upon me, I can pop these songs on and presto! instant mood changer.  The lyrics are the most important thing to me.  Enjoy!
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

John Mayer - Home Life

John Mayer - New Deep

And lastly, the new favorite..
Lady Gaga - Born this Way

What are your go-to tunes?
Would love to hear what makes them special to you.


Holly said...

I can get down with a little bit of slow, acoustic type music, but my go-to tunes are definitely songs that are upbeat! I love anything that makes me feel an uncontrollable urge to shake these hips. ;-)

Renee said...

Girl you know I like to see those hips shake!

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