Friday, February 18, 2011

Winter Wonderland 2011

It's hard to believe that just last week, and the week before for that matter, Tulsa, Oklahoma was covered in this:

We have some height to our house, but the snow made everything look level!  It was the most snow I've ever experienced, that is for sure!

We were fortunate to have a couple of days off, so Josh used his time efficiently and built a little igloo :)

Teehee!  We had a great time and I was able to get caught up on a lot of GreenerMe work while we were off.  I saw so many complaints about "cabin fever" but this was like my dream come true, haha!  I hope everyone in our area had a safe couple of weeks.  The sun is shining and the temperature has been nice and warm all this week so that yucky stuff is almost completely melted!!  Spring is so close I can taste it, and I just can't wait!  (except for the bugs, not looking forward to those little guys)

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