Monday, June 27, 2011

motivating monday - work is love

“Work is love made visible.” – Kahlil Gibran

Can I get a fist pump for this quote?  Please!  As a handmade business owner, this speaks magnitudes to me.  Each invitation and paper good I make is carefully cut and assembled for my own personal muse, my client.  In my eyes, each good is two gifts in one – immediately for the client, and then they get to pass their gift on to their friend, family member or coworker.  Creating is such a passion for me and I can easily get lost in it for hours (like the 23 hours I worked this weekend - whoa!).  Moments come when inspiration is chugging fast like a freight train and I can hardly finish writing my thought down before another tramples over it.  Being a creative artist is such a big wave of emotion and the more I embrace it, the more powerful it gets.  It’s my own little perfect world.

What passion do you have that allows you to pour your whole heart into?  It doesn’t even have to be “creative” or “artsy” - if it you’re an accountant crunching numbers, I believe you put your whole heart into it and those numbers are perfect!  Your love shines through.

Switching tracks (still on the freight train idea here), planning a wedding also brings love out of your hard work and efforts.  I know the planning process can be super stressful, but the big day will arrive before you know it.  When it arrives all this time, money and effort will seem like a distant memory.  Your moment to shine will be here and all the hard work put into making this day truly perfect it will shine through.  The special touches and moments, the beautiful couple and family and friends, smiles, laughter and dancing – this is what you’ve worked so hard for!

Your wedding is uniquely you – Your work is uniquely you - Your love is uniquely you.

You are you, and you are love!  Get out there and embrace what makes you, you.


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