Sunday, September 4, 2011

the tables will be set

Hello, dahlings!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  The weather is beautiful and it's a long weekend - what more could you ask for? :)  I'm working hard this weekend to prep for Indie Emporium, but thought I'd take a moment to share some new wedding-related goodies :)  I have officially created my table settings!  Hoorah!

Before I get into the table settings I should mention my dress came in!  It is fabulous!  It almost fits perfectly too, just a few minor adjustments.  It made everything more real to put the dress on!!  Sweetheart neck with straps and lots of bead work, tulle dress with flower and bead work detailing and a train..  I wish I could show you!  But ya know, we gotta keep it a secret from the mister ;)  I did trick him the other day, I came across a super puffy wedding dress in a magazine, like the whole sleeve and breast area just had this puffy fabric.. I said, "Hey, this is my dress!"  He hesitantly looked and then gave me "the look" and said nuh-uh..?  I would never wear something like that so it was rather humorous :)


We will have two different table sizes, round table and bistro tables.  I figure if we have enough table room for 100 we will be good to go.  I will use solid white linens and place a sheer white linen on top for both table sizes.  For the round tables, there will be a large vase at the center of the table with a white rose submerged in water, diamonds at the bottom of the vase and a floating candle on top!  I found some cute tea-light votive holders that come in three different sizes.  They kind of remind me of a wine glass, but with a tea-light votive on top instead of a glass!  Instead of placing tea-lights, I will cut off the stem of the roses and place just the buds in the votive.  On the table itself there will be actual tea light votives, rose petals and diamonds scattered throughout.  I like the layered effect everything has.  I will also find some kind of purple charger or place mats to give everything that "pop" of color!

I'm loving this look!  Very elegant!

For the bistro tables I will use most aspects of this effect, except for the floating candle and possibly the submerged rose.  I want the bistro tables to give off a lot of height and be the focal points of the room, so I am going to place branches at the top of the vase and hang crystals from the branches.

On our extra tables (cake, guest table, gifts, food, etc.) I will scatter the diamonds, rose petals, tea lights and tiered tea-light votives with roses instead of candles throughout just to keep everything cohesive.

I'm excited to have a vision going for the big day!  Now can we fast forward a few months, teehee :)  We narrowed down the guest list, so now I should probably start getting my Save the Date design together, woot!! 

Thanks for looking!  In case you're interested, I decided to list my bunting invitations in the shop and also have a couple more designs that I added.  Feel free to take a look!  Click here.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!


Stela said...

I'm so excited to see all this!! I can't wait to see your dress! I'm so impressed with your planning skills!!

Holly said...

This is such a gorgeous display! I've never seen a rose submerged in water before, but it looks absolutely fascinating- kind of like a science experiment and a fairytale mixed together. It seems like everything is really coming together, my little bride-to-be!

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