Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back in Action

If you haven't noticed by the lack of posting going on here, the past couple of months have been quite busy! Lots of new things are going on with myself, the GreenerMe, and the Tulsa area!

The companion and I have been working hard to get our apartment in order. Our old furniture had been with me for about five years, and we have recently made some new additions, as well as removed some of the older style. A change was very overdue, and now we are on our way to a comfy, organized apartment. Relief!

Throughout the past couple of months, the GreenerMe has moved slower than a turtle. I wanted to really think out my vision for the GreenerMe before jumping too far into the creative side. More new items are added to the inventory and our Etsy revamp is still in the works. The biggest change, you'll notice, is that the GreenerMe has switched its focus to Wedding Invitations. Of course, occasional & stationary cards, as well as other invitation sets are available upon request!

Lastly, for all you Okies out there.. Tulsa is welcoming a crafty delight, coming to us October 26th & 27th! The Indie Emporium is a craft show brought to you by the Tulsa Craft Mafia. This is a two-day event, held on Friday and Saturday. Both days will fancy you with handmade goodies from local artists. Friday will allow for some live music, while Saturday will host a Runway Show. Know of any crafty types who deisgn clothes, handmake goods, or sell their photographic work? Let the girls at Tulsa Craft Mafia know! Applications are currently being accepted for the event.

Tulsa Craft Mafia Myspace -
Indie Emporium Myspace -
Indie Emporium Website -

That's all the goodies for now. Be sure to keep up with the GreenerMe Etsy for new updates this week!

Take care and keep on crafting,

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Marjorie Dawson said...

Hey Renee!!

Welcome back and good ot know you are OK! I Look forward to seeing what you decide with your Etsy store. Me I still can't decide what to make best LOL.


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