Monday, December 3, 2007


Today was absolutely fabulous! Josh had a friend come over, so that meant Renee had a large chunk of time to fill!! I got so much done. Still so much to do of course, but I think I've reached a stopping point. I tend to either not work at all, or work all day until I pass out- if only I could find a way to split up the time! I think I'll have a nice lil knitting session and watch some Southpark's to wind down from the day!

Oh, don't forget the GreenerMe Casuals' sale is still going on,
with $2 off minis and $3 off regular-sized stationery.

Last little tidbit of info:
They give you money for recycling your ink cartridges & cell phones! Haven't had the chance to actually use it for myself, but I received my Welcome Packet the other day and am on my way to collecting my empties!! Every little bit helps, right?

Sleep well cyberspace!

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