Monday, December 10, 2007

Cold Toes

The city of Tulsa is frozen! What to do!

Since yesterday it's been nonstop sleet, then rain, then sleet again. Many of our poor old trees have lost numerous branches, if not just completely split in half. The power lines are covered with ice and a lot have fallen due to either trees or just weight from the ice. It's crazy! I feel like in any moment the zombies from 28 Days Later are going to come find me. It's really surreal to see!

Our power is out at the apartment, so we're camping out at Josh's mom's for the night. Seems like she is the only neighborhood in Owasso to still have power. I hope that it lasts throughout the night!!

Everyone please be safe out there- it's a mess!
Don't get in a hurry while driving, and definitely no braking on the highway!

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