Monday, December 17, 2007

It's sad to think that two years ago, when Josh and I first moved into our apartment, this tree was an absolute beauty. Full of leaves and life. The past year has brought this tree quite a disheartening fate. Many of it's branches were forced down by hard winds during the summer's rain storms. Now the ice has increased the damage more. Josh and I happened to be outside the other day when one of it's branches fell. "CRASH, BING!" is what we heard, only to discover the fallen branch bashed out someone's window.

This whole weather situation is absurd, I really just don't know how to deal! We're still without power (day eight) and it's been so cold outside. I only see my kitties at night when we sleep, and I hate that I can't be around to love and play with them, simply because it's too cold. We've been fortunate enough to have places to go throughout our awake hours, but I just want to be at home, in the apartment I pay for, with the kitties I love.

I'm sitting at the library right now, until Josh gets off work and we find another warm spot to occupy. ::sigh:: I really wish I had a job, so I would have something to do throughout the day! This no online communication thing is driving me CRAZY!

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