Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Our power was restored yesterday, around 6pm. Woot! Josh and I were napping and all the sudden heard a "BEEP!" from the microwave turning back on. I immediately jumped up and turned on the heater, then turned on our mini floor heater and stood in front of it to warm my cold toes. Ahhh.. Relief!

First task for the evening was to clean the kitchen. Josh had done this right before the power went out, but I tried to make bath fizzies in the dark and, well it got kind of messy again! I'm kind of glad to have thrown out everything in the fridge, now it's all clean and we don't have any of those weird "I've been hanging out in the fridge longer than I should because no one uses me" items. Once everything was clean we went grocery shopping. Yummy!

I am very happy to be restored :-D


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

It's very unfair to have blackouts in cold weather. On the up side, a completely clean fridge is lovely!

Amby said...

Are those your Christmas lights? They're pretty.

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