Monday, January 14, 2008

Celebrity Update

Josh and I are no longer local celebrities. Yup, you guessed it, we lost the wedding contest as mentioned in the last post. Bummer! We both really wanted to win, as that would have been a complete fairytale! Our whole families could've been included! Guess we'll see what's behind Door #2.

I'm very drained and my back is so tense, the past few days have been a mind-blower for sure, I think it's time to relax and let everything calm down.

Mr. Television and Dr. Pepper here I come!

Goodnight Internetland.

1 comment:

Marjorie Dawson said...

I'm catching up!!! I got so excited, and now you are both disappointed. What a shame :-(

Let's hope this means you will have a bigger and better time when you do tie the knot.

((( Renee ))))

Hang in there Super Crafter!!

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