Sunday, January 6, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies!!

My cousin Kelsey is a Brownie and you know what time it is..?

Girl Scout Cookie time!

This is my first opportunity to buy them, I feel so adult!! Haha. This is also Kelsey's first time to sell them.. Hmm, funny how activities and situations are reversed as we age :)

I'm excited to help Kelsey out just as I was excited when other people helped me as a Girl Scout! Josh is also excited and told me to buy as many Caramel DeLites as we could afford..

If anyone is interested in purchasing some Girl Scout Cookies in support of Brownie Troop #227, shoot an e-mail to and we'll get all the details worked out.

Happy Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

cinna spins no longer exixst its daisy go rounds now

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