Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Soap for Your Teeth

The other day I was stumbling around the web when I came across the Rose of Sharon Etsy. While looking through the Goat milk infused products, I noticed these "Tooth Chips". Intriguing in the least, I just had to click on them to find out more.

This is my new toothpaste! After reading the listing information about it, and also doing a little research myself to confirm that information, I believe using soap as your method of toothpaste is completely feasible option. In fact, it is actually better for your teeth! Turns out the fluoride using in, oh.. everything is very bad and puts a layer of glycerin on your teeth, which would take 20 rinses to remove. This layer also blocks your teeth from reenamalizing, which is something your teeth does daily to stay strong and healthy! Soap will remove bacteria from the teeth just as any normal toothpaste would, minus the layer of bad glycerin! Normal toothpastes also have certain sulfates ("salts") that scrub your teeth more than needed, which helps to wear down your teeth.

So.. I had to try it, as I was suddenly fascinated! She was really quick to ship the product (got it in two days!) and I noticed a big difference even after the first use. My teeth felt clean and polished, instead of just semi-clean. I was amazed at the difference my teeth felt and couldn't stop licking them! haha. The taste is not bad at all. It's not something that I would want to sit around and drink or anything, but it's just kind of tasteless and bland. I chose the spearmint flavor, and think it's an excellent choice!

I'm on day two and am still going strong, and will update in a couple of weeks about my teeth status! If you're interested in doing a little research on the topic, head on over to Google and search, "soap for toothpaste". If you're interested in purchasing, you should head on over to Rose of Sharon Acres Etsy Store. I think you should at least research the topic!



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Leah said...

I bought some a couple weeks ago and have been using it exclusively to brush my teeth with. I enjoy how natural it is. Regular toothpaste gives me mouth ulcers. But my mouth never tastes fresh afterwards, sometimes I forget I brushed my teeth! I was going to try to find a glycerin free natural mouthwash at the health food store to see if that helps.
I'm still waiting to leave them feedback until I go to the dentist or something like that.

Renee said...

Thank you for your comment, Leah! I'm curious to hear your progress and also curious to hear what the dentist says about it.. Happy brushing! :)

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