Monday, February 4, 2008

Fifteen Days

Wowzer. Fifteen days would be the number of days since my last blog post! How sad! I've been quite busy these past two weeks. My job as a part-time teller was temporarily full-time, while I did all my training and mentoring. Alas it is official! I passed my Teller test on Thursday, and officially have my own monies, drawer, keys, and codes! Woot. Everyone said I caught on quickly, too. No more stressing about monies! Yay! :-D

In GreenerMe world, things are also picking up. I've recently closed one order and am currently working on mass producing it, and I'll hopefully have a couple more closed in the next couple of weeks! I love working on my invitations and making my brides happy. It's such an awesome feeling :)

Well, I have the daunting task of updating my record books, so off I go! Expect things to pick up now that my free time is back. Hope you have a happy week!!

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