Sunday, February 10, 2008

High Expectations for 2008

After tonights Tulsa Craft Mafia meeting, my mind is racing with ideas for both GreenerMe, the upcoming Indie Emporium, and life in general. I'm giddy with excitement, as I want to rush out and do so many things at once.

To be honest, the past year messed with my mind so much, it has been a very strange time in my life to think about, the feeling is quite awkward. A lot of un-anticipated stress not dealt with properly, nor known how to deal with, just made my mind and myself go crazy! In the same sense though, I've grown and learned many things. My confidence has been built and I feel ready to take the next step forward in my life. I've surrounded myself with people who love and care for me and have genuine compassion for others as well. I've found myself, I guess you could say!

My new job has given me hope again. I love everything about it, and cannot wait to see what the future brings throughout my employment. The new people I encounter and the greater confidence in conversation I build on a daily basis makes working a complete joy. Now that I'm out of "salesman" type sales, I've learned that I actually like talking to people and carrying on a conversation.

GreenerMe's product base is going to grow noticeably this year! I have so many ideas and ways to have Josh and other family members involved, which will also balance out the stress of sole-proprietorship on myself. Having a trustworthy team supporting you is the only way to be a success. New business structure. New favors, Save the Dates, and Invitations sets are all to come. I'm welcoming 2008 with open arms!

Tulsa Craft Mafia has many events planned for the future. We really want to participate in more craft shows as a group and get our name out there. It's time to make our mark in Oklahoma, and set a new trend the Okies have yet to see.

Indie Emporium
is going to be AMAZING this year. The possibilities are endless, and us girls can't wait for Novemeber to be here! Official dates: November 14th and 15th.

I want to get to know all my readers- so if by chance anyone out there reads this, let me know! I want to find out about you, just as you know about me. I hope 2008 bring you many joys. May your business and personal life grow and flourish as never before!

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