Monday, March 3, 2008

New to Sewing

This weekend was a quite busy one for me. I went to the SuzArt School of Fashion Design for a little one-on-one time with the sewing machine. Having never used a sewing machine before, this was a very intriguing time for me! We started off making a pin cushion with elastic on the bottom. Makes it easier to keep all your pins in one place while sewing.

Next, we made a bag. I used canvas with a floral print. Unfortunately no pictures, but it turned out fabulous!! I'm so proud. I even had enough fabric to make two.

Lastly, we made a shirt. Though it's not perfect, I totally can't wait to wear this with some leggings. It's very breezy, so it'll be perfect for summer! I'm really proud of this too. Maybe I'll just start making all my own clothes. :-D

This weekend I'm going to my mother's to use her sewing machine. I, unfortunately, do not have one but this will be a good way to get some mom time as well as sewing time, yes? I can't wait for the weekend!!

Interested in classes with Suzanne? I recommend her highly!! Check out the website for class times.


Marjorie Dawson said...


That pin cushion is just brilliant. A clever and totally useful idea. (guess who has two pin cushions already LOL!!!

and the TOP wow, spring around the corner and you are making wonderful stuff. Get a little sewing machine - there will be no stopping you!!


Celular said...

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