Saturday, April 26, 2008

Work and Schmooze and Play

The past month has been incredibly awesome. I just got back from Oklahoma City, where I trained for a new position at my job. I'm excited! We're also opening up our new location soon, which is closer to my apartment. I can't wait!

This weekend is going to be fun. Today I already made an appearance at the Edison Spring Market (pretty sure that's the name of it!) where Amby and Tara set up. There were quite a bit of booths there, and lots of goods to look at. Pretty neat :) Tonight I'm going to the Soundpony with Jennifer and others. We're having a bake sale, and the proceeds will go to purchase books to donate to children! I'm very excited to participate.

Lastly, Oklahoma Magazine has put the Tulsa Craft Mafia in their May 2008 issue. I'm so excited! The article is very nice and represents us all nicely. If you're local to Oklahoma, be sure to check out this month's issue!

Just wanted to give a quick update for those interested. Blogging seems to get swept under the rug now-a-days! I'm pondering turning this into a business blog so I'll have more to write about. It's kind of difficult to sit here talking about myself, lol.

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