Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Kitty!

I just realized I haven't posted about our new kitty! This little guy was found by Josh, outside in a tree. He came right down for Josh, and was very excited to join our home. Hansel was not so excited though.. :-D We first found him a couple of months ago, but since he wasn't neutered he kept jumping on Tabby, which was unacceptable. So we put him back outside that very same night.

Who did we see a few weeks later, hanging out in our apartment building? The freaking kitty! We have no idea how he got inside our building, but we were stoked and happily let him back inside. He's been here ever since and we are definitely not letting go again! He slept with us in bed last night, for the first time. So cute! We are very happy :)

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