Thursday, May 29, 2008

A lil Freshen Up

I completed an invitation order yesterday, and for the moment I'm all caught up with orders. I'm utilizing my free time and trying to take as much advantage as I can! As you can tell I've updated all the banners and avatars on both of my Etsy's, as well as my Blog. What fun colors! I love the bright and happy feel it gives me ;) Maybe I'll paint my new room this coral color? Hmm.

Anywho, I'm getting my Casuals shop back up and running, with bigger variety of items. Back when I was a young tot I loved making hemp jewelry. Recently, I pulled out all my goods and got back to it. You'll notice new hemp jewelry items added as the time passes, sweet! I also bought some cute papers and will be adding stationery sets in the future. Things are on the up and up!

Also, in July the Tulsa Craft Mafia is participating in this year's Reggae Fest. Hemp jewelry? Reggae? I'm hoping we have a match! ;)

Time for lunch, yumz.

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