Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Office vs. Studio

Great news! June 13th will open a new door of living that I've yet to experience on my own. Josh and I are moving into a house! I'm very excited. This will allow us to have our own rooms, a back yard suitable for hanging out, and a garage. Mmm.. luxurious.

So now I ponder if I shall have an "office" or a "studio". Growing up I wanted an office, but now considering the nature of my business I feel as though a studio might compliment it better. Is there a difference? A studio is starting to sound a bit more inviting..

In other attempts to gear up for the big move, I've started to shop around for different things we'll need. Such as a portable dishwasher. I also have ideas buzzing in my head for new products to offer, which I will be able to embark on when I have a larger space. My extended weekend was spent sewing- fixing pants, darting shirts, and finishing a bag I started. Hopefully I can find a way to incorporate the art of sewing into my current line of business!

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