Friday, September 26, 2008


Today I'm taking on the task of entering all my receipts, bank account reconciles, credit card payments, etc, etc into my new accounting program. I was using Quickbooks, but unfortunately my MAC is an oldy and Quickbooks will not run on it. We had a PC that I used to plug everything into, using good 'ol Quickbooks. We're selling that PC now, but aside from that it was quite annoying to go into another room turn on another computer get everything going, blah, blah. I needed a change anyway and now I have the motivation. So I haven't plugged anything in since December of last year... Oops. I'm such an advocate of accounting programs and I am now what I hate. lol.

This is going to be quite a chore. I have everything organized and ready to go though, and I think I have a system I will use for the future months, too. I'm now using MYOB First Edge. Has anyone used this before? I haven't heard of it, until I shopped around the Apple Store website and noticed it will work on my oldy MAC. So far so good, just getting used to the differences and finding out where everything is. I can't wait to have it all completed so I can finally be a good business owner- organized and efficient. One more step in the right direction, I hope!

Happy TGIF.

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