Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cupakes, Lemonade and Tea

Today has been fun thus far. At work we celebrate people's birthdays, so this month I've made some sPoOkY cupcakes. I kind of wish I would have used baking cups instead of leaving them naked, but oh well. Josh and I sampled one last night, and they are quite delish! So I think that makes up for their naked-ness :)

I sat down to work on my website and then the mailman knocked on my door. I was excited to see the vintage items I ordered from My Sunshine Vintage arrived! I bought these because they are so cute and made me want to make lemonade. Lemons happened to be on sale last week, so I bought some in preparation and had to make the -ade as soon as the items arrived!

Made-from-scratch lemonade is so good. If you'll remember a few months back I made some. The end result wasn't as lemon-y as I'd prefer, so this time I used more lemons.

Here's my recipe for my lemonade, my jar holds about 5 cups.
5 Lemons
1 Cup Sugar
Dash of Vanilla

Step One: Juice all the lemons!

I prefer to not have seeds and pulp in my juice, so I used a strainer to catch all the non-juice stuff. After juicing my lemons I had about half a cup of pure lemon juice. I then added the dash of vanilla, stirred it together and filled up with water.

I then added the sugar, mixed real good and tah-dah! Delicious home made lemonade. I also brewed some tea to fill the other cute pitcher.

Now it's time to put my face on and go to work! Work usually means a bunch of downtime. Right now I'm taking advantage of the time with some knitting! I learned the purl stitch this past weekend, so I'm excited to work on something new :)

Did you do anything exciting today?

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Jenny.Lee said...

Those cupcakes look yummy!

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