Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Chilly Time for Hot Tea

Hello! The past few days have been quite cozy. It has reached freezing during the night time and we have all the blankets, sweaters and pants out. I like this time of year, and I think the biggest reason why is because my cats will cuddle with me more. It's a fight for who can cuddle first! I love it.

I had a new tea today. It was a chamomile blend. I immediately had bad feelings about it upon pour, because it was clear. But I tried it anyways and thought it was delicious! It probably won't be on my top list of teas though :) Speaking of, there is a tea room at 21st and Harvard called Dragonmoon Tea Room (or maybe it's Tea Co.). I've been there twice for lunch now and it is so cute and quaint! I love it. It's across from QuikTrip, next to Arby's, where Headroom Salon used to be. The building is so cute, too. All brick and white-framed windows. Lovely! The have soups , salads, sandwiches and quiche. Of course they also have tea, my favs are the Dragonmoon and Cream Earl Grey teas (both hot) and the Orange Vanilla is so good on ice. Check it out if you're needing a good lunch one day! Get there early cause parking fills up quick! You could always park in the Arby's lot, too.

Well off to do some chores! Dishes and laundry are calling. I've started an update on my website, It's not uploaded yet but I will when everything is complete. I think I finally have my "image" together so my press kit, business cards, Etsy, and website will all coordinate. Maybe my blog should, too? Hm. I'll keep you posted!

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Brigid said...

I've been wanting to try Dragonmoon but haven't made it over there yet.

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