Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Press Kit is Alive and Kicking!

Today did not start off so great. Josh has been sick lately so he slept in and headed to work late. While he was catching up on sleep, I took care of some cleaning. Everything was fine until laundry time! I went out (which by the way I have to go outside and then go into the garage where our hookups are) to get the washer going SURPRISE! The water pipes are frozen, no laundry for me. This kind of messed up my routine and I just didn't know what to do. Instead, I washed my work clothes by hand (my top priority) and then got to work on my press kit. This week is my week to contact my Tulsa stores and see if they are interested in carrying my invitations. To pull me out of my stinker mood, I plugged Wham! into my Pandora and danced while assembling my kit. How can you not be happy while listening to upbeat 80s tunes? Glad I don't have hidden cameras in my room!

Anyway, my whole point of this is to show of my awesome kit! I'm pretty proud of it. Hope you like! Most importantly, hope my stores like ;)
Each kit includes invitation samples, a brochure, a postcard, business cards and a business card magnet, a pen and a notepad or sticky notepad. I'll also write a letter to each contact I'm visiting, thanking them for their consideration.
Pretty cool! I think they only thing I'd change is the folder color, as I couldn't find one I really liked. I'd eventually like to have some custom folders made, but those are expensive!

Today I have called one store and I'll visit them next week. I'm going to call more stores tomorrow. Calling and talking to people is my weakness, so I definitely have to build up the courage to do it! I know there's nothing to be afraid of, I'm confident in my product and it's not like the the person on the other end of the line is going to yell at me for calling. What's that commercial where the guy has a group of fans cheering his name where ever he goes? I think that would come in handy at times!

"The way you make me feel, you really turn me on, you knock me off my feet, my lonely days are gone.." Old skool MJ for you there! Before he was cray-cray. Again, how can you not be happy listening to this?

Hee -- Hee ::grabs crotch and spins:: ::moonwalks::


this20sgirl said...

awesome! you should give us a press-kit tutorial at the next build your business night. ;)

Brigid said...

Lookin' good, Miss Renee. I bet you'll find some places who will want to carry your stuff. Good luck!

Jenny.Lee said...

Your kits look fantastic! It's hard to get yourself out there but I know you'll do great!

Holly Casey said...

Lol at "cray cray" and crotch-grabbing!! I really admire you for this, Renee. Talking to people isn't necessarily my weakness, but being a go-getter when it comes to business things is where I often fall short. And you've got that part down, sista. Obviously my life is just lacking in 80's music.


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