Monday, January 12, 2009

Kitties Are Hungry + Pot Roast Pot Pie

The hardest thing about working in my office is being away from the rest of the house. I'm still inside the house, but I'm in my room with the door shut to protect from cats and to just keep things clean all around. It's hard cause I'd much rather be out in the living room with Josh and the cats. What makes it even harder is the crying cats that poke their little heads and arms under my doorway, trying to get my attention.

During the day when Josh is away (I should be a poet), the cats will nap and around lunch time they waste no time to let me know. Our youngest cat is the loudest cry-er. Poor lil fella.

It's so cute and hurts so much I just have to open the door and give them a squeeze!

If you know Rudy personally, this is quite funny considering he's a giant. Don't let his size fool you though, he's the biggest baby of them all.

For lunch: Left Overs Pot Pie! We had some leftovers of a pot roast that Josh made (in our new Crock Pot- phenomenal!). He had the great idea of making pot pies out of the left overs, I highly suggested using our cute Pyrex dishes.


Hope you all have a fabulous day! I am off to work, work, work, before I go into work? Hm. At least work is fun :) Tonight I'm going to the casino, that should be a rather interesting experience. Ciao!


this20sgirl said...

Absolutely too much cuteness going on in this post!!!!

Estela said...

hahha! Your kitties are hilarious!!
Love the photos!
I had to move out of my room into the living room because it got lonely in my corner of the house

Felix and Jayne said...

that is so freaking cute!

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