Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy, Busy Week

Hello! I hope you are all doing well! It has been super busy lately for me, which is good and tiring! I finished up an order of invitations and reply cards for a beach wedding in Florida, and am now working on my new portfolio and sales materials for Divine Gifts. Tomorrow I am going to take pictures of everything, so I'll keep you guys updated! It is quite a large task to take on, but luckily everything is coming together nicely so far.

Today was the monthly Tulsa Craft Mafia meeting. It was fun, we gained two more members! Bonus! We discussed shows and goals for the upcoming year, we also have an updated website and group blog we will all be contributing to. I'll have a little gem to contribute later this week- so stay tuned!!

Alright I need to get some sleep so I can have the mojo for my busy day tomorrow! Have a great week everyone :)

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Dina said...

So excited to be the first one to comment - thanks for this great giveaway.

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