Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dinosaur-rific Weekend at Dinosaurs Alive

Top o' the afternoon to ya! I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend and a great start to the week. My weekend was a little rocky and a little smooth; all in all it turned out to be quite fun. Saturday some friends and us went to play disc golf. I'm happy the weather is getting a tad warmer! Disc golf is fun. Saturday evening we had an opportunity to attend "Dinosaurs Alive" at the BOK Center in downtown Tulsa. OH. My. Goodness. It was so fun and awesome and amazing and any other uplifting adjectives you'd like to insert. The dinos were LIFE SIZE! And walked around! By themselves! Ee!

Here's mama T-Rex (far right) defending her young and scaring away the other dinos.

I'm horrible with naming the types of dinos, but here's the tallest dino ever. It grows up to two stories high! This is a mama and baby.

The dino on the left has plates on top of it's body. When it's fighting or protecting the blood runs through it's plates and makes them glow red. OOOoo!

Those are all the dino-rific pictures I have. It was kind of last minute and unexpected that we would attend Dinosaurs Alive, so I didn't get a chance to grab my real camera and instead used the one on my phone. I'm sure you can still figure out just how cool it is though!

Sunday we had lunch at Josh's moms and then watched the Super Bowl. Well, Josh watched the Super Bowl and I played Tap Tap Revenge on my Ipod. It's similar to Guitar Hero only not. I'm kind of addicted.

Now time to get back to work! My Pandora is helping me jam out to awesome tunes and it's really motivating me to get things done! I leave you with my morning ritual.

Tea + Oatmeal = Love.



Jenny.Lee said...

I am so jealous! We wanted to take the boys so bad but tickets were a bit out of our range for all of us. :(

Brigid said...

I wanted to go to that! It looks so fun! Just to be a total nerd, the first pic has a triceratops and an anklosaurus. The really tall one is probably a sauroposeidon (had to look that up). The one with plates is a stegosaurus. I was a dinosaur nut as a kid . . . and as an adult. :)

Estela said...

I forgot that was coming! I really wanted to go!
I'm happy you got to go, sounds like you had a fun weekend!

the-in-mom said...

Just curious, but what is in your tea? It looks "creamy" like coffee.

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