Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

If you'll recall, last year was not the greatest winter experience for Josh and I. The power was out for a week, the cats and the both of us were completely frozen! I think that's the only time ALL four cats and Josh and I were under the covers at one time. I wouldn't mind going back a few decades in life to the old times, but if we could do it gradually instead of overnight that would be great!

This year's "ice storm" was just a normal storm, see picture above. No power outages or crazy people needing gasoline and all the pumps running out. Grocery stores were relatively busy but not chaotic. Mainly, we have electricity! This is what it looked like outside my window Tuesday. It's funny too, cause I took off Friday-Monday for my birthday. I guess I got quite the welcome back to work, from nature ;)

You're going to see some changes on the blog coming up in the next couple of weeks. I'm getting pretty tired of the design and think it would be fun to coordinate it with my website. Woo! I'm going to wait until after my 30 Card Giveaway though, so no immediate changes! Right now I'm finishing up the last of my birthday and holiday thank you cards, which I should get out tomorrow. It'll be nice to have them out and heading to my lovely friends and family. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a client, which I am very excited about. Then, the weekend! Hooray!

Hope you all have a good finish to the week :)

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SheezKrafty said...

Renee! I just realized you graduated high school with my little sister, Afton! How crazy is that!?!

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