Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Cat, New Tat, & Some Other Stuff!

Hello! A few updates for you all! It has been some time and it seems like lots of changes are happening/have happened since the last post! I'll start first with our new cutie, Chopper.

He's so cute. We found him outside under a broken down car. He had been there for a couple of weeks, and then one day Rudy got out so amidst our chasing down Rudy, we found and took in this cutie!

He's going to be a big, fluffy man! His paws are large and his tail is super fluffy. He looks like a Tabby but has white boots and white chest/belly! Oh how I love him. And he cuddles with me so nicely at night time. He's definitely a keeper! We're thinking he's about 7 months old. And cute, did I mention cute??

Surprise! I also got a new tattoo. I grew up loving Hello Kitty. When I was younger her products weren't as easily available as they are now. I still have unused notepads and stickers and have even found unopened candy from when I was younger. I just had to savor it as she was rare! Now it seems she's everywhere! Which I don't mind. Today for example, I got a notepad and chapstick for $1 each at Target. So cool. Anyway, I got the tat and she's about 4 inches tall, 3 inches wide. Pain wise it of course sucked, needles poking you do not feel great! There was a twist though because that is quite the ticklish spot for me, so I'd jump from the tickle but then the needle part made me cringe. Totally worth it though!

My mother also got a couple of tattoo's! I don't have pictures of them right now, but yes she got two tattoos in the same sitting, her first tattoo's ever! In March she's taking a cruise with her sister, to honor that she got a palm tree tattooed on her right shoulder. The second tattoo was in honor of little Rikki, her Yorkie who passed away last year. She got two paw prints tattooed on her left forearm. Yes, her arm! They turned out great. She's already wanting get another ASAP. What have I done to her!! :)

Lastly, work is going super and side jobs are also chugging right along! I have a couple of invitation orders in the works (will post pictures as soon as the event is over) and I'm also working on some media for Indie Emporium 2009. It's right around the corner on October 9th and 10th. Woot! I hope you'll plan to come. Find out info and how to get tickets at

We still have advertising spot available, too! Here's the ad rates. Feel free to get in touch with Christine or I if you have questions!

That's all I got for the moment. More to come super soon as there are some other things going on that I just can't talk about right now! Good things though and of course I'll share all the details as soon as I can. Hope you lovelies are doing well!


Jenny.Lee said...

So glad you are doing well! I can't believe your Mom got two tattoos in one sitting! Her first no less!

Hollyrocks said...

Renee!!!! Awesome!!!! I freaking LOVE the new tattoo!!!! Can you tell from all these exclamation marks how excited I am? It looks so cute on you, and I think it's so cool that your mom went and got not one, but two tattoos. She's a trooper. And your work for Indie Emporium looks fantastic, but that's to be expected. I bet you're a huge perfectionist when it comes to your work, because it always looks, well, perfect!

NUISHU said...

ohhhhh, i love the tattoo! amazing! :)

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