Monday, April 19, 2010

OMG.. Are you guys still there??

I cannot believe August 2009 was my last blog post.  Time has flown by so incredibly quick and so much has happened, it's mostly a blur!  The biggest changes since then is the full time job I inherited (working with mail- go figure!!), my man and I bought a house, and I took a MAJOR break from my business.  That full time job sure took priority over lots of things.  But I am so thankful because it's opened me up a lot AND it allowed me to buy a house- need I say more?  No, but I will!  Ha!

Being on the phone and around people have really made me into the person I've dreamed of being.  I have 24 fellow employees who all give me sh*t for twirling my hair, saying weird things, being weird in general..  And they all love me for it!  I constantly hear how funny and nice I am.  Oh and of course how awesome my work ethic is :)  I'm writing these things because most of you guys have no idea what kind of an accomplishment it is to wake up everything not worrying.  I'm very anxious by nature, especially in social situations.  This personality trait, in my opinion, makes it difficult to run a busisness.  It's like you always have this extra person in your head going "But what if this happens..  Or what if they say this..".  Blah!  I say.  That little voice is slowly but surely going away.  And my job has helped me with that tremendously without anyone ever knowing.

So now here I am fully motivated to get stuff done.  I want to be successful enough to have my own business and have it support me and my family.  Without that stupid voice in my head I am accomplishing much more!  Here recently I have adjusted to my work schedule and bring my laptop to work we me so I can work on GreenerMe during lunch, then go home to spend time with family, get more work done, spend more time with the family, then go to bed.  It's working out so well and I can't wait until I reach my goal of working for myself only.  I anticipate this taking many years to come, but I have never been more ready.

I wanted to write this blog to thank everyone who has been apart of my crafty life over the past few years.  Sometimes I was a anxious, nervous wreck and no one knew..  Well make that most of the time ;-)  I know there will still be struggles in the future but I say bring it!  I couldn't have done any of this or made it to this point without any of the people who have been in my presence over the years.  I say THANK YOU!  And you'll be hearing more from me very soon :-)

Now back to work and then home to get crackin on these two wedding invitation sets due in May... :-)

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Jenny.Lee said...

Wow, it sounds like life is going very well for you! I'm so glad!!!

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