Monday, April 19, 2010

Goodnight, Monday.

This evening when I returned home from work Josh made me some amazing ravioli's!  In case you did not know I am a big pasta fan and Josh makes the best spaghetti (extra olives and mushrooms- yum!), so I was excited to hear pasta was on the agenda.  After we ate and cleaned up it was time for the outdoors!  Josh likes to shoot hockey pucks around so we got after it for a bit.  Then I got caught up on Words with Friends (very addicting- my screen name is rnordholm) and off to work I went!  I love having my own business and being able to choose when it is convenient for me to work.  It just always seems like a more productive and efficient environment to be in.  I think you get more work done if you're focused for an hour rather than trying to stay focused for a straight eight hours.  So I put in my couple of hours tonight and made tons of progress :)  

The two weddings I'm working on right now are for Gina and Meghan.  You can see in the above picture the work-in-progress for Gina.  She dreamed of having a Stars and Moon themed wedding and was referred to me from a lovely past client.  I got to work and was able to coordinate her vision into paper!  I'm super excited about this order.  Meghan's theme is elegance, featuring a butterfly.  I also love this set, but want to keep this one a bit on the down low, as she has some secrets up her sleeve that should wait until her July wedding!  Both weddings are in fact in July, I'll be sure to feature each set once their special day arrives :)

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