Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Brothers

Growing up I always had dogs, but as I got older I realized the cats were pretty freaking awesome and have grown to love them, almost obsessively.  While I won't mention the number of cats we actually own..  I wanted to post some pictures of our favorite brothers!  We found these guys outside (such a sucker for the outdoor kitties!) when we lived at our rent house.

Who is this?

That's a Chopper foot!  He is a giant.  Just now a year and bigger than all the kitties we have, and there's more growing left!  He's got some big 'ol feet.

Then we have sweet Sebastian.  He's a little less than half the size of his brother.  They are both obviously Main Coon breeds though.  So fun how different siblings can be!

The love each other.

And I love them so much!  The kitties and Josh are what I look forward to see most when I get off work.  I MISS THEM SO MUCH!  Throughout the day.  How could I not?

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