Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Recap

Hi Party People!

This weekend was 100% fabulous.  I was off on Friday and Monday!!  I definitely got caught up on my sleep and worked a bunch on GreenerMe and worked on some new goodness for The Felt Bird (more details to come!) and hung out with some awesome peeps.  Saturday's rain kind of put a damper our plans, but we made do at home and still have a great time!  Sunday was the fun day!  We had hamburgers, kabobs, snacks, drinks, outside time..  It was quite grand!

Here's my Fourth of July picture recap:

Porch decorations recreated from Martha Stewart how-to's.  It only took an hour or so to make everything and it gave my porch that special touch.
Drink Parasols

A little target practice.

And our little outdoor friend.  She loves to hang out at the cool house!  I think she is the neighbors, but you know I am a sucker for the strays.. <3

Being ferocious.

How was your holiday weekend?  I hope everyone had a splendid time!


Holly said...

That looks like a fun time, Renee! Your house is definitely the cool house. The decorations are so cute and inviting! I think it's about time we had a little get-together. We've never really done anything like that before, but I'm just dying to. Maybe you could give me some tips when we finally get around to it!

Estela said...

Your pom poms look great!! And we can't wait to have your goodies here at the store!

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