Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Update Pictorial

Hi friends!  Oh my gosh what I have been up to lately!  It has been forever since I have blogged to say hello to all you lovelies.  GreenerMe is kicking it in high gear, so lil 'ol Renee has sure been working it lately.  I'm very excited and honored to have this opportunity though, so I say bring it! The more work the better! :)  Since it has been so long since the last post, I'm just going to do a pictorial of my past month or so.  Hope you enjoy!!

Beautiful moon styled programs, they fold open like a card to reveal the rest of the wedding information.  These turned out AMAZING!  Thank you, Gina! 

You know I love seeing them all lined up and ready to ship :-)

Another gorgeous design for my friend and co-worker, Meghan!  She got married on July 9th at Five Oaks Lodge in Jenks, Oklahoma.  So beautiful.  We had a subtle butterfly theme going on that tied into the live butterflies they released at the ceremony when it was time to kiss the bride.  It was so cool to see those little beauties fluttering around.  It really came together nicely!

Thank you, Meghan! 

The bride and I. 

So sweet! 

Remember these guys?  Oh how I love them so.  My Mini Spool Push Pins are now available at The Felt Bird in Enid, Oklahoma!  Woot!  Be sure to stop by and pick some up! 

I kept Estella and Riley and their pup Dexter in mind when designing the packaging.  They are so fun and bright and bubbly, I think this represents them well!  Ha. 

Oh and one more thing..  I saw Lady Gaga on the 20th!  It was amazing.  I love her.  So original, yet definitely influenced.  I love people who can be themselves and rock it.  It was an amazing show and I can't wait for the new album and another headlining tour!  Get it girl!

Time to go back to work for the man, then work for ME after that!  ha!  Hope you guys are doing welllllllll!!  Thanks for stopping by!


Holly Embry said...

The moon invites are BEAUTIFUL! That's exactly like what I would have wanted if we would have invited anyone to our wedding. ;-)

The packaging for the spools looks great too! I agree, those will fit right in at The Felt Bird. So glad you had a good time at the Lady Gaga show. Who did you go with?

Renee said...

Thank you for all the kind words lady! You always have the most positive and motivating things to say, I love it! Josh and my homegirl Leah (who I'd like you to meet!) went to Gaga with me. So awesome! She's coming to Dallas in March and I think we're going to try and go again :)

When do you start teaching the Etsy class?

Holly Embry said...

That sounds like a fun trip! I'd love to meet your friend. We should get together sometime! I can't believe we still haven't been to each other's houses.

The class will be offered in September. I'm already working on the presentations and lesson plans for it. It will be September 28th and 30th from 5:30 to 9:25. I'm so excited!

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